Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NEW FUR!!!!!

It feels like it has been FOREVER in the works - but our new batch of custom selected faux fur has finally arrived! We hand selected (and deliberated for weeks) all six of these new furs. The stunning turquoise one you see before you was colour matched to our feature walls - a stunning Pantone coloured called 'Atlantis'. It has a 100mm pile and I can not wait to get a bear made out of it!

This one is a very dense, very white curly mongolian style faux fur. The Pantone colour for this one is called 'Blanc de blanc', and it is a very cool white. All of our previous 'white' faux fur fabrics have been rather warm in tone, but this one will pair nicely with the blues, greens and purples of our other stock. Or, it will work just as well as a stand-alone fabric.

I can actually see this one making stunning photography props for newborn shoots.

This one is the same 100mm pile length as the turquoise 'Atlantis', but in a lovely fresh white. Pantone colour 'Cloud Dancer'. This one actually looks really nice as a throw rug on our couch... I might have to save a piece just for that purpose!

Speaking of which, if you would like any of these new fabrics made up into throw rugs, single, double, queen or king size bedspreads - just let us know and we can give you a price quote.

And this one is MY pick. Mark wasn't convinced, but I think it is lovely. It is a SUPER curly, rather dense pink mongolian faux fur with a darker pink tip. I fell in love with this fur because the curl is so pretty. It's a looser curl at the bottom of the pile where the colour is lighter, then as the pink gradually get darker towards the tip the curl gets tighter and spirals. The pile is quite long too - 50mm uncoiled, but it will pull right out to 80mm.

We've called this one 'English Rose'. 

And then we have these stunning animal-replica fur fabrics. This one we've called 'Maverick'. It is a really hard colour to describe but we had to have it. It will be so versatile - great for furnishing projects as well as bears. Even fursuits and costumes and clothing. The pile is very soft to the touch and a simple one-tone with a subtle dark tip.

This one is 'Wolf'. It has a little more going on then the fur above - it has a three-tone pile with a deep base colour, a lighter top and a darker tip. This one also looks great on our couch... I can see a new addiction to throw rugs starting for our coming Aussie winter!!!

ALL of these fabrics are available in any size piece you could need, from a tiny fat 1/8m piece all the way up to bulk orders of 10m or more.

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