Friday, February 13, 2015

Jacaranda Rabbit

Well - we have had a busy week indeed, with Jacaranda Rabbit making it our 4th bear completed in the last 5 days (the other 3 creations have been adopted - but I will share photos of them in our next post).

Jacaranda Rabbit is made from a piece of our long pile white mohair that we experimentally dyed last weekend. I was playing around with tones trying to get a particular shade of purple when I pulled this piece out of the bucket. As it dried off I realised that we had quite a unique look here with the pink/mauve backing and the soft jacaranda blue/lilac pile.

So I put the piece aside for a quirky project.... and I think we delivered!   

Her name is self-explanatory, plus I like the way it rolls off the tongue :) We thought we'd experiment further with the tiny hand sculpted bunny teeth and the subtle 'freckle' like shading effect. The dramatic eye lids combined with the heavy shading give her an intensity that you just can't get with solid black eyes. This look won't be for everyone though... it can be a little full on!

Jacaranda is 15" tall and fully jointed. She is currently available for adoption via our etsy store.

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