Monday, February 23, 2015


Annika - a newbie born over the last weekend. We had a LOT of rain here in Queensland following the tail of Tropical Cyclone Marcia. Our local area received in excess of 300mm in a very short time and there was flash flooding everywhere! All very exciting, but thankfully the waters have receeded and everyone is getting on with things again.

(Oliver, our beagle x takes it upon himself to bark at anyone/anything that dares come near our boundary. And even in though it was bucketing down with rain, he decided he was still on duty. Looking a little miserable about it though while our other dog Indi got the warm, soft, dry dog bed all to herself!)

I took the wet weather as a bit of a break to take my time making this pretty girl. She wasn't rushed, but completed bit by bit as I found the time and had the energy, However - as I was shading her paws the kids decided they were going to have a fight in my tiny sewing room. So I was a little distracted and wore away some of the pile of the fabric on her foot! Thankfully it was only a tiny bit. We took photos and listed them on Annika's etsy listing, also reducing her price slightly.

Yet despite this slight imperfection Miss Annika found her new home. I'm so happy for her too, as it can be hard for a bear when they're not 'perfect'.

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