Saturday, October 27, 2012

Finished Piggy Products

We got them done! It was a mammoth 2-week adventure, but we did it. 23 plush guinea pig stuffies of varying sizes, fabrics, shapes, styles and 'breeds'. 

Some of them have made their way into our etsy store..

... some were custom orders, so have already been claimed... 

...and some of them are just a little quirky!

The greatest excitement was for the texel plushies though. Which took a lot longer to finalize due to the detailed eyes and the nature of working with a real fur product. We (or rather 'I') finished them up at midnight last night. How's that for a fun-filled Friday evening in! 

I didn't want the kids to get to them before I woke up in the morning, so I hid them up on our fur shelves! They look like a little colony of critters setting up camp in our fabric! 

Come mid-morning, after the baths and breakfasts and cuddles were over, I snuck outside with a washing basket full of texel plushies to take their photos. Brisbane weather had another plan though, and had a great deal of fun blowing gusts of wind spasmodically, just as I has smoothed out and displayed the fur on their coats... lets just say this photo shoot was a challenge of my patience! 

All of the texel plushies have found new homes now. If any currently on hold become available again, I'll most likely post them in our etsy store- so this would be the place to keep an eye on. 

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