Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Buttons bear

Our latest little fuzzy-butt bear creation - I'd like to introduce 'Buttons'. 

This little guy is 6" of white kid mohair goodness. 

Button's was looking very WHITE when we finished him yesterday... so I started rummaging through my accessory box. Ribbons didn't look right. Pendants didn't look right. Even a ruffle collar didn't look right... 

Then I spotted the box of novelty buttons we'd been 'forced' to buy the last time we visited the craft store...

 (long story short - the kids were with us, grabbed a container of buttons each - and wouldn't let them go. We put them back when we reached the check out line, but after 10mins of the line not moving, and the kids non-stop screaming - we gave in and handed them back. Bad bad parenting, I know! Resulting in $24 worth of buttons being purchased that we hadn't planned/needed to purchase!) 

BUT - at least we have found a use for the doomed buttons! I wired them together in a stack using beading 'tigerstail' and made a little stem that Button's holds in his left paw (sewn in place). This has worked really well and means he can be posed in lots of cute ways. 

Buttons himself is currently available for adoption on bearpile and etsy. 

And we've also got a limited run of 4 complete kits available for Buttons. The button-flower bouquet stacks are shown below. At present all 4 are available to choose from. I'll include the gold tigerstail, crimps and instructions on how to make your own bouquet with the kits too (it's really very simple though - just thread the tigers tail up through all 4 buttons and back down again, crimp tightly underneath then to make a stem bend the wire back on itself a few times, wrapping and twisting it to make it strong. You want it to have a bit of flexibility/flop though so it looks like a real flower) 

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  1. какой красивый медведь! Ты ангел!