Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was recently commissioned to make a child safe orangutan for a little boy's first birthday coming up.

I've never made anything remotely like a monkey/orangutan/ape... and the facial/head structure is quite different to that of a traditional teddy. But I figured it would be fun to try. And I even had the perfect faux fur in stock left over from making my long haired guinea pigs! This is what the head design looked like when I'd turned it out for the first time. I was getting a little excited by this stage! It's so rewarding to see all the concentration that goes into a pattern actually turning out like you anticipated!

He needed some stuffing though, so I could make sure the face was actually going to work - this is him before he got his nose, mouth and ears.

Then with all final details in place, he's looking decidedly orangutan-like. And I'm quietly quite chuffed! (I did have one moment of panic when the thought 'I wonder if orangutan's have tails?' popped into my head half way through - but a quick google searched confirmed that they do not!)


  1. Excellent work Emma, I'm sure the boy will be thrilled to receive it.

  2. that's cool, what a nice experiment and wonderful birthday present.

  3. He is cute! I am sure the boy will love him!