Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marshmallow (and Chelsea!)

This is my latest creation - 'Marshmallow'. Quite appropriately named by Mark! [Please Note: Marshmallow is now SOLD]

He is made from one of the last pieces of this stunning choc-tipped faux fur that I had left. I do have some of this same fur in a pink tip, and a violet tip in my etsy store though, if you're looking for something similar.

Marshmallow has a needle sculptured face... which I did whilst chatting away to my mum last week during one of her visits. I even surprised myself at how it turned out... especially considering I was talking and cutting at the same time. Maybe I really can multi-task!?

When I was getting his photo's, Miss Chelsea (now 2 1/2yrs old!) decided she wanted to pose with him. Once upon a time she made the big bears look big... now they look quite petite sitting next to her!

Marshmallow looks out through a pair of my hand painted eyes too. I just loved the depth of colour against the lighter fur. I have just recently added a new batch of 20+ pairs with some new colours (ice blue, purples, silvers, black etc) in my esty store as well. These are more of the bigger size (10-14mm), so have some very nice definition and detail.


  1. What a magic picture of your darling daughter and Marshmallow.

  2. Marshmallows face is sculpted to perfection. What beautiful cheeks he has got. I love the picture of her with him, she looks so happy to be posing.
    Beautiful eyes, I have a bunch here I have tried a few, mine don't come out nearly as good as yours. I need lots more practice.

  3. I love the eyes! I haven't painted eyes in a long time but I must say yours are fabulous! I think you and your Mum must have nice conversations! It takes a steady hand and a calm atmosphere to sculpt a nice face and marshmallow certainly has a beautiful face!