Friday, February 10, 2012

Eco Stuffing

Back in January I decided to order some 'samples' of Australian made eco-stuffing. It comes in two varieties: all natural corn-fibre stuffing, and recycled water bottle (PET) stuffing.

This is what arrived at our door this week! The kids thought it was fantastic, and were trying to climb all over them.

I wasn't sure which bundle was which stuffing, until I opened them. Then it was very obvious. The corn-fibre has a completely different consistency and the most incredibly sugar-syrup smell. It isn't as silky and slidey as the plastic stuffings usually are, and it compacts really well. This stuff is going to be perfect on the bears that need to be firmly filled!

The PET filling isn't as crisp-white as the corn fibre, with kind of a slight blue/grey tinge to it. It is super silky, and super bouncy though - and will work really well when I need to stuff a bear a little more loosely, or when I am making my baby toys that need to be nice and squishy!

I know I am always curious to be trying new products, so have more realistic sample size bags of the stuffing for sale in my etsy store if you'd like to try it too. (postage costs might be the killer though - but you're welcome to combine with another product).

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  1. I use a poly- fill with no sylicon in it at all, so I will pack tightly. I will be interested to hear how the corn fibre goes.