Friday, August 26, 2011

Sneak Peek - pink bear's feet

I thought I'd take some progress photos as I painted my pink bear's paw pads. At this stage I've free-hand painted the first paw, and now I'm attempting to get the mirror-image on the other paw. I'm 100% sure there would be easier ways of doing this (ie. templates), but I'm a bit impatient for such planning!

Two paws fully painted in light lavender.

A bit of mid-tone lavender is added for some (really) subtle shading. (so subtle you can't even tell in this photo!).

Then I mix in a bit of violet to get a darker lavender. I'm trying to match the two purples in the teddy's head bow which can just be seen in the first photo.

Using the handle of the paintbrush I decided to do some spots in a tonal pattern to match the spots on the ribbon.

The finished feet. Still wet here, but not too bad considering I was entertaining a two year old at the same time :P