Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Plush Piggy

We had a wonderful new arrival of three healthy little guinea pig bubs on Sunday. Meet Mika, Molly and Mason. (I've got extra photos/videos of them on my guinea pig blog if you're interested).

They're arrival inspired me to whip up another plush piggy. This guy is made from a really unusual patchy choc/cream/black faux fur that has a real animal-ish look to it.

I decided to try and sculpt him a nose out of clay because I was never satisfied with how the noses turned out when embroidered. I think I like the clay nose better. It's not exactly like a real guinea pig, but probably as close as I'm able to get with my skill level. And once I figured out the shape I needed, the nose didn't take too long to make either. I had it shaped, cooked and attached in about 30mins. I love it when things just work out like that!

I've called this guy 'Reid', after the daddy piggy of the babies shown above. He's also a donation guinea pig, with $10 from his adoption fee being donated directly to The Cavy Cottage shelter. You can check out his etsy listing for more information.


  1. The three new arrivals are adorable and so is the one that you created. I love the way the nose turned out. What kind of clay did you use?

  2. Hi maddyrose, its just a polymer clay - Ozzle brand.