Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wiliam the BIG 33" bear

This is William. He likes cuddles and watching Netflix. He's also very sensitive about his weight, but I've told him that all the best people are fat too!

William is our latest kit bear, would you believe it!? I don't imagine we'll have too many people rushing to make this big bear up themselves, but if you do decide to give it a go - it's definitely a rewarding crafting experience.

The fur we have made him out of is our new 'Chupacabra' super dense faux fur. It's very long, very thick and very strangely coloured. Looking at these photos you wouldn't be wrong in assuming he has an almost inky-blue tinge to his fur. But in actual fact - he's more of a charcoal/slate grey with a warm hue to the tips. The blue colour does seem to magically appear when this fur is taken outside though. I don't really understand why... I thought maybe it was just my camera picking up on particular lightwaves - but even to the naked eye that blue tone is present in daylight rather then indoor light.

So, if this is intriguing you too, you can always grab a piece of this fur and see what magical things you can make from it!??

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