Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Pre-order a custom dyed alpaca kit for Thistle bear

 This sweet bear is Thistle! So named because she reminded me of a fluffy little Thistle bloom.

Thistle has been made using a piece of our hand-dyed long pile alpaca, contrasted with the original ivory white long pile alpaca - and the design is our ridiculously versatile 'Lyric' pattern.

To get this fully-white face effect we have used pattern aspects from a few of the different Lyric versions (The 'Lyric' pattern comes with three versions of the same bear you can make - a single-colour bear, a panda-coloured bear and a cheek-insert bear).

We've used the panda eye-patches from the panda version, but cut them from the white as well as the cheeks. And we've used the 'head gusset nose-piece' from the Cheek insert version of the lyric pattern, and cut that from the white, while the rest of the head is cut from the darker purple. We also used the Panda body design break-down, but instead of the belly being white and the chest being dark, we reversed the colour placement. And cut the inner ears from the white too.

Such a simple change has resulted in such a different looking bear. We have a pre-order kit available for Thistle at the moment as well - you choose what colour you'd like the darker alpaca dyed, and we'll dye it up and get it sent out to you within 3-5days. How gorgeous would this design look in some other colours, like cobalt or pink or turquoise?!

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