Friday, August 28, 2015

Honey Jumble

Meet Honey Jumble. Just another gorgeous little bear to finish off this week. This bear has been made to replace our previously sold out 'Macaroon' bear kit (followers from a few years might remember it - pink and choc panda bear made in kid mohair? It was DIVINE, and we very quickly sold out of the kid mohair!).

So, because we haven't been able to replace the kid mohair, we decided to do a new version using the newest pink and choc mohair we did have in stock. And when I started work on this girl last fortnight we had heaps of mohair left too. Now, not so much! lol. So we're only able to offer three kits until our next shipment arrives.

Honey Jumble herself is available as well. She's a chunky 16" tall, fully jointed and very solid. Her little friend in the images below was made as a custom order and will be on her way to the UK. Isn't she sweet too!?

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