Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Completed custom bears

I've had a bit of a tricky fortnight recently with the bear making, as I came down with a nasty bug that turned into bronchitis and wiped me out for about 5 days. Right in the middle of needing to get quite a few custom bears finished too! It's always the way isn't it.

But after a few days of napping most of the work-day away, (and having to tell the kids repeatedly that no, I wasn't going to die - I really don't get sick very much! They're not used to seeing me stop!), I was finally feeling energetic enough to sit upright, and sew! lol And the bear below are the result of that effort.

These two are twin baby bears, commissioned to remember baby boys who were born too soon. Their mum asked that they match her boy's birth weights and lengths (520g and 30.5cm and 460g and 28cm), and so we set about re-designing our original baby pattern to suit the specifications. I honestly wasn't 100% sure that I'd be able to get the lengths of the bears that accurate as faux fur especially has a tendency to stretch ever so slightly - and couldn't bring myself to measure them until they were finished - but we did it. The lengths are spot on, and the weights have been perfectly matched as well.

A good percentage of the weight is in their little heads, so that they have the realistic baby feel to them when held. We didn't make them too floppy though so they're able to sit upright as well as able to be posed laying down. We've kept them 'in-the-fur' rather then dressed as well and I think they look perfect together. I hope that they will be able to bring some comfort.

And last week we managed to get this big girl done. She was a custom requested bear that was first talked about way back in May! She has been a long time coming for her mum as she wanted to have her paid off before she was completed, and so little by little she came together. The specification was for blue eyes, blue nose and this stunning blue tipped faux fur. We chose blue-tones that would complement the fur but not get too lost in the richness of it. Her new mum called her 'Elena'.

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