Thursday, October 9, 2014

Trio of Choc-Beary goodness

These three teds are the result of this weeks work in the studio. 

We have two little 13" bendy bears with satin ruffle colars, and one chunky big girly bear. All made in a mix of luxury and kid mohair fur fabrics from my odds and bobs stash. 

This little guy is 'Aimon'. We used a little of our dark chocolate kid mohair (now sold out in our store!), and a little of our 'Golden' kid mohair (there is only ONE piece left!), and a little bit of a wispy blonde mohair to create this funky guy.

He is currently available in our etsy store.


We also have 'Ambroise'. Made in a mix of a long straight pile choc/chestnut mohair combined with a blonde/chestnut tipped mohair for his belly and ears. I love how innocent this little guy came out looking!

Ambroise is also available in our etsy store.


And then there was 'Iara'.

I AM IN LOVE with this girl. If this wasn't the job that paid our bills, I'd be holding onto her and not letting go!

But we do have her up for adoption, and she is going to make one lucky collector very happy I think!


  1. All three are beautiful, but I am in love with Aimon! That sweet face!! :)