Friday, October 10, 2014


I've been reading a book I found in my drawer a few weeks ago called 'The Empress of Mijak'. I'm not too sure how I came to own this book (I have a fairly extensive collection of random/half-read books around my bedside table), but I am loving the story. 

Anywho... because I am totally immersed in the visuals of this novel, I couldn't help myself but create an empress-inspired bear. 

18" tall, very heavy, fully jointed, glass eyes and a free-hand embroidered 'bear' shaped nose. 

And, fittingly cut from a large piece of our 'Queen of Hearts' mohair using our 'Alivia' pattern (with a 1/2m piece of this mohair and a copy of the pattern, you too could have a go at creating this bear yourself in your own Empress style!).  

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