Thursday, September 5, 2013

We had our second scan today. This time the mum got to come too (which for her meant getting up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight here, seeing the baby for all of maybe 5min on the ultrasound, then having to fly back home this afternoon!).

It was a magical 5mins though. This wriggly little miracle danced and jigged about in my belly. The fertility specialist showed us where all the bits were - but it's pretty self explanatory at this stage. In this snapshot you can see the amniotic fluid/sack as the black circle, baby is the baby-shaped white form in the middle of it! Head in the middle, body leaning up on the left and a leg jutting out to the top. The other white splotches towards the top of the black circle are bits of umbilical cord coming into view.

It was truly amazing to see the detail we could see - the spirals of the umbilical cord, the feet, with tiny tiny toes, fingers, the jaw line, the brain! Just incredibly when baby wasn't even quite 4cm long yet.

Needless to say both myself and baby's mum are over the moon. We didn't expect things to happen first go with the embryo transfer. We didn't expect that the baby would necessarily stick around after we got the positive pregnancy test. But things are looking good. It's still too early to get too settled in the security of the pregnancy progressing to full term safely - but we're both hopefully optimistic. :)

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