Friday, September 20, 2013


Almost exactly a week ago my hubby Mark and I sat down with some pieces of mohair and had a brainstorming session. My plan was to create a couple of teds in various sizes out of the same fur, but Mark had the brilliant idea to make them elephants - specifically a whole family of elephants!

So we got to work printing out various sizes of our Elephant pattern to achieve this look. We ended up with two in the original 9" size, one in a 115% enlargement (ended up at 11"), one at a 130% enlargement (13"), one at 80% reduction (ended up at 7" tall) and two at a 55% reduction (ended up a petite 5" tall).

(This can be done with nearly all of our instant download e-patterns. Just play with the percentage settings before you print. The seam allowances will automatically decrease/increase with the pattern pieces. So as long as you follow the same proportions there the altered pattern will work just as well as the original)

This is how bizarre elephants look without eyes and ears!

But we quickly remedied that! It literally took ALL week, but slowly little elephant faces started to peer back at me...

(closing the last seams late this afternoon)

I had busted my butt to get all 7 of these guys done before the kindy pick up (so I could get photos before the kids got home and wanted to 'help'!), but I got outside to my photo-spot and the lighting was TERRIBLE! I nearly had a little tantrum. I'd worked so hard to get them ready in time. But I didn't. I vented to Mark in the car on the way to the kindy, and by the time we had the kids and were driving home I'd totally gotten over it. I decided to give it one more go, but if the light was still crappy - the photos would just have to wait until the next morning.

But the light was good again! And we managed to get these lovely photos of all the elephants.

From largest to smallest we have:

Estelle Elephant - 13" (SOLD)