Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A black nose on a black bear

We've still nutting away on the many custom bears we have on our to-do list this week. One of those bears is a massive 66cm tall black bear in our 'Ace of Spades' long pile faux fur, with blue hand painted eyes. He will be heading to France when he's done. The photo above shows him laid out on the floor with a normal spool of thread by his shoulder to show a size comparison! 

I set his eyes yesterday, then got to work on his nose today while I had day light. I must say I wasn't 100% sure on giving him a black nose on black fur... but I didn't think any other colour would look right. And I wanted the colour in the eyes to be the focal point - so needed the nose to be less obvious. So black thread was the best bet. The photo above shows the foundation stitches. (yes, I stitch my noses upside down!) This acts as my 'template' - marking out the size and shape of the nose that will suit the bear's face.

I then follow that template with layers of evenly-tensioned stitches. I stitch the first layer slightly smaller then I want the eventual nose - building it up slowly. This will give a nice 3-dimensional effect at the end.

This was the finished nose. The photo below shows the nearly-finished bear fully stuffed and just waiting for seams to be closed surrounded by our rainbow bear 'works in progress'. (all just waiting for their seams to be closed!).

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