Saturday, June 2, 2012

What does 2 tonne of fur look like?

For the last few months Mark and I have been in the process of sourcing some good quality, minimal stretch, affordable, interesting and ultimately multi-purpose faux fur fabrics for our bear making purposes, and for re-sale within Australia and the rest of the world. This is a surprisingly long and complex process. Not at all like regular 'shopping'! But the feeling of achievement when we rocked up at the shipping yard, finally face to face with our fur order was amazing. 

Until we realised just how much 1800m of faux fur was... 

This is about 1/3 of the way through the process of unloading. And we'd almost filled out shelving units. We had to make some hasty decisions, and completely rearrange our set up to fit the 60+ massive rolls. (Some of them were so thick I couldn't even wrap my arms around them!)

After a full day's work, and countless loads, this was what we had left. It still took us another three days to completely empty! 

Then came the long process of finding each of the 17 different fabrics in the mountain of fur, bear-hugging them out to the cutting table, cutting off any factory-damaged outer lengths, measuring pile length, assessing backing strength and trying to get accurate photos of the colours/textures. 

This was one of our rolls in a gorgeous jet black long pile.  

We then held a competition on our "Fur Addiction" facebook page to help name the new fabrics. Everyone had such incredible ideas! We ended up with names that I would never have thought of on my own! All the winners have scored a free fat 1/4m piece of the fur of their choice and all the fabrics have now been listed in our Emma's Bears etsy store and our brand new Fur Addiction website


  1. Wow, Emma, really great furs and wonderful names! I am nosy about the new creations... Hugs, Iris xx

  2. thanks Iris! I've got some awesome creations in the works right now too using the arctic wolf and golden peacock!

  3. Wow you seem to be up to your ears in fabric. I hope it goes well. The Golden Peacock makes wonderful owls.

  4. emma, you have good taste, that is sure :)
    i can imagen you flying high atm wiht ideas ... so fantastic furs ... i wish i had some of them *drool*
    i wish you all the best with your shop and may you have high numbers of orders :)