Monday, June 18, 2012


 I've managed to get 90% of my bear show creatures finished now! So in celebration I thought I'd make a bear, for something different! :P This was the 'eye sockets shaded' stage.

Next came the 'eyes set' stage. Oh, and nose embroidered. I think this is my favourite stage. The little face is staring back, but there's still so much more to come!

This was 'ears attached, head attached, waiting for stuffing' stage. So cute, and so floppy!

And this is the 'actually all finished now' stage! lol. We called her 'Alivea' (pronounced like Olivia, but with an 'aa' sound in place of the 'oo'). She's 20" of fluffy beary goodness, and is currently available in both our Fur Addiction webpage, etsy and bearpile! 

She has a pair of our hand painted eyes, a hand embroidered nose (that took many many layers!) and a trio of dusky pink faux silk flowers around her neck. I really couldn't go past the pink with the white/black tipped fur. It just looked perfect! She's made in our 'Arctic Wolf' faux fur - which is also available from our website.


  1. What a darling. Thank you so much for showing us the stages.

  2. Emma, such a nice teddy bear and wonderful fur!! Thanks for showing each single step, too. Sunny greetings from hot Italy, hugs, Iris xxx

  3. Love this new bear! Her fur is beautiful!

    I've made up Frosty, now on my blog. Have you seen him? I like his size.

  4. oh my gott is this bear wonderful. i am so happy to found your blog and your creations.

    love greats from sylvia by the mäsywi-Bären