Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I've been scouring the internet, trying to find the best pieces of fur for my creations recently. I tend to do this once a year - buy a fair bit in bulk, and slowly use it up over the following months.

This year I went a little crazy with a trip to the coast to feel furs in person, and came back with a car boot FULL of fabric. I really don't think I'm going to use all of this in a year, so have listed some of the excess pieces in my etsy store.

They're all the best of the best - the softest, most luxurious pieces I could get. Perfect for creations intended for little people, or just for the collector who likes to be able to hug a bear without getting mohair-itchy!

There are also a number of other longer pile pieces sourced internationally as well, and possibly some tissavel fur in time. Just got my sample booklet yesterday and am still obsessively feeling each piece!

Yes, my name is Emma, and I am a fur addict!


  1. I know the feeling Emma, I have to resist though as I only make small bears now and restore old ones so I don't need as much mohair. I've not tried faux fur as yet.
    I used to have lengths of mohair (and ultrasuede paw fabric) hanging on coat hangers in a spare wardrobe.
    Now it is half full of vintage bears that have been restored and waiting for new homes.

  2. I can feel its softness from here.

  3. oh oh emma :)
    i sooo much know the feeling :D
    i just did not figure out yet, do i love the furs for the bears or do i love the bears for the furs :D

    yes, my name is martina and i am an fluff addict