Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finishing a doggy

The pink puppy is finally finished. He was so much fun to make. I love trying new things, and there were a few new techniques on this big guy.

I decided to give him sculptured polymer clay puppy paw pads, to add a little realism to this pink dog with the blue nose! I think the effect worked really well, and will definitely use this again.

I called this guy 'Boof' and he has just been listed on bear pile if you are interested in him. You can see his vast multitude of photos below... I went a little crazy with the photography! But there are just so many different angles to appreciate him by.

(I especially love his little doggy tail! How sweet!!)


  1. Boof is really sweet. He turned out so darling and photographs well from every angle. I love his sweet litle blue paws and his lovely eyes. What a charmer.

  2. серьезный парень....ну очень хорош)