Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cotton Brothers - Norman and Arthur

Here are the colour photos of my Cotton Brothers Norman (panda) and Arthur (grubby one).

These guys are made from some lovely thick 100% cotton hand towels (which is why they look like towelling!). I was walking through K-mart with the kids recently when I spotted some really lush towels. I immediately thought of bears, and decided to see how they'd turn out.


It wasn't the easiest fabric to work with, and if I do it again I'll definitely make a bear bigger than 9". But I love the texture the towelling gives the bears. It really adds that sweet, whimsical look. I'm particularly pleased with Norman. The pattern and colours really worked for him. Arthur started out with real potential - but alas I got a bit heavy handed with my dye, and kind of ruined him!

He's still a perfectly fine bear. Just a little grubby looking. And not even the good kind of grubby. Because of this I'm listing him straight up at a sale price. You can find Norman and Arthur in my bearpile store.



  1. Both Norman and Arthur are charming bears. It was a brilliant idea to use the cotton toweling to make them.

  2. norman and arthur are totally adorable. i don't mind the grubby look, rugged at worst. :)

  3. Fab idea with the towels, they're gorgeous!