Friday, October 13, 2017

New Design - totally different face shape

This month we decided to take some time out from custom orders and draft up a new idea I had been bumping around in my mind that would see a 4-piece head, rather then a standard 3-piece head.

I was inspired by the large noses of our earliest bears from the late 1990s, and our guinea pig designs we drew up around 5yrs ao (the guinea pig heads are put together in a totally different way to the bears to give them the broader chins). So combining teddy-head patterns with guinea-pig head patterns - I was able to create these oddly endearing little critters! The original 5 are show above - in order of their evolution; Clove was the first version, then came Sesame, then Mable was next - with some changes to the body size/shape, then we went back to the smaller body design with Peppercorn, then finished with Orris - using a different colour-placement (most guinea pig like).

This design is still very much a work-in-progress, but if we do ever release it for general use, you'll be the first to know here on our blog :) 

(Oh - and the 6th little version was this guy below - Malakai was made using the larger body version like Mable, but with our iconic panda-colour-breakup)

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