Thursday, March 2, 2017

Two new custom bears - Panther Pink and Firework

The last few days of work this week have been spent finishing up these two cuties. Both custom ordered heading off to the UK. Both made using our 12" Sugar pattern, but both VERY different looking bears! 

This little pink girl here has been made using a piece of our new 'Fucshia Leopard' short faux fur. We used a white contrast of mohair for her face to help her features stand out a little better (patterned fur fabrics like this can make it a bit hard to see the eyes and nose if a plain coloured contrast isn't added). And because we wanted to use more of the pink faux fur trimmed back for her paw pads (to get the best 3D toe effects) rather then the white mohair (which doesn't stretch as much), we decided to give her a little chest-insert of white mohair to help balance the colour. Otherwise the white may have looked a little out of place. 

The result is a very sweet little bear. 

And this little honey of a teddy is 'Firework'. His commissioning collector requested that he not have the white face-insert (which i usually would have done as the colours in this fur (our 'Cyber Pop') are quite intense as well). But the result is still quite balanced despite not using the insert. We were strategic in the placement of the facial pattern pieces, trying to catch as much of the pink colour as we could to help his eyes and nose show up. We gave him over-sized eyes and a darker nose, and left his cheeks a little longer then usual.

The fur is so long that it can be styled in lots of ways too, each giving him a totally different look. So he is a versatile little bear. Because we used our standard 12" Sugar pattern without altering it (like we did for the Fucshia bear above), we can offer kits for this little guy.

He will only ever be one of a kind as made by us here at Emma's Bears, but if you would like to have a go at making one like him you're most welcome. It's just good to keep in mind that working with faux fur this long is a challenge, and it can be very hard to embroider noses as the fur has a tendency to get caught up in the strands of thread. A good solution to this would be to give your bear a 'saftety nose' instead, then you'd only have to worry about setting the eyes and sewing on the ears.

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