Monday, May 9, 2016

Amethyst Panda

We finished another custom bear this weekend - a stunning 16" panda-style ted in some hand-dyed long pile mohair. The collector had requested a silvery purple, and I think we managed to get a pretty cool colour using her brief.

We asked our Facebook followers which nose thread they though would work best, and also asked the commissioning collector as well. Everyone was pretty evenly divided on which colour they though would suit the bear, but the collector chose the middle colour.

You can see just how nicely the colour looks in the image below, taken just after we finished embroidering and shading the face of this sweet teddy.

Next came the feet - and we ended up with some nice tickly toes. The fabric used for the hands and feet is actually the backing of the mohair. You can see just how much more vibrant the backing colour is to the fur!

And then finally we had one finished custom panda bear. Complete with a very cute, very girly purple princess crown! 

She has been adopted :) 

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