Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pinks and Purples

These are a couple of custom bears we have been working on over the last week. This big beautiful purple girl is 'Shadow' - as named by her new mum :)

She is made using our multi-version Lyric pattern (using the Panda-option), and our 'Purple Rain' and 'Ace of Spades' imported faux fur. I had never paired these two fabrics together before and am really pleased with the result. My photos wash her out way more then I'd like - this purple is RICH and DARK.

Amd this little lady below is 'Bella' - also named by her new mum. She is made using our pink 'Coconut Ice' faux fur and more of the black 'Ace of Spades' fur. Again in a panda style. This girl is a very petite 9" tall  - just perfect to sit on the palm of your hand :)
We don't have a pattern released for her though, sorry.

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