Sunday, November 16, 2014

We've moved. Again!

I totally forgot to mention that we were moving last week! You guys missed all the excitement... lol.

We packed up the bears, and the fabric, and the rest of our lives and moved to our new house on a much bigger property with much more room to expand and grow during the week. It was HOT, and exhausting, but the kids are loving the bigger backyard and Mark is loving the bigger work space!

Furaddiction,com was closed during the week (which I probably also should have mentioned here!), but we're open again now. Mark is busily packing up the week's orders and things will be business as usual from tomorrow onwards.

I should mention that we are coming to the end of a number of original mohair rolls, so if there is anything you've had your eye on in our store, it might be an idea to snap some up sooner rather then later as it will be a little while before we can re-stock specific lines. We don't plan to place another mohair order until later in 2015, but should have another faux fur order earlier in the new year all going well!


  1. Shifting is such a stressful time. I hope the unpacking goes well.

  2. thanks Kay. We're definitely getting there!