Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We're back!

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year period! We've actually been 'back' (which means posting orders and answering emails) for a little while now, but I've only just started work on some Emma's Bears again. Over the New Year period I decided to pull out a random dozen Collaboration Bears as my work-in-progress projects to do while the kids swam in our new portable pool or watched Christmas movies. These are the EIGHT that I managed to get finished!

Above is a little guy we called 'Charles' - he has a unique design with a single body/head and jointed limbs. His face turned out super cute! He is available in our etsy store.

And this odd little lady is 'Cali'. She was another unique design with an upwards looking face, big cheeks and over-sized feet. Oh - and a joint at her middle (between the top and bottom of her body!). She was a bit of fun to figure out and put together. She has been ADOPTED.

This little crimson ted is 'Faye'. Her bag-of-bits simply said 'Faerie'-  but there were no wings or fairy-like things, just the pieces of mini bear fur. We luckily had the gorgeous glittery butterfly ornament waiting for the right bear, that was a perfect fit to act as her wings. A little extra golden accessorising and she was looking the part! Faye is available in our etsy store.

This little guy was too cute not to make up - with those tiny tiny pieces needed to make his hands and feet... I will admit I was worried I wouldn't be able to sew him neatly enough (I hand-sewed him as he was too petite to fight my machine over) - but he's turned out perfectly. We chose a tiny pair of our hand-painted blue eyes and finished him with a simple blue bow. He is actually one of my favourite Collaboration Bears so far! He too is available in our etsy store.

These two just begged to be finished together. They each had their own bear-bits-bags, but the lighter colouring used on both is the exact same mohair. The girl has been cut using a wispy rich purple for the darker colour, and the boy has a deep navy blue mohair. Both gorgeous little critters. We called the girl 'Pandamonium' and she is still available, but the boy 'Bamboozle' has been ADOPTED.

This was the third Collaboration Panda we finished. He was more of the traditional black/white mohair look. We gave him a lovely pair of imitiation boot-button eyes to complete the look, and asked our FaceBook likers to help choose a name. 'Jax' was suggested, and so that is what we called him. Jax has been ADOPTED.

And last, but by no means least is little 'Snowflake'. She was a delight to make - and yet another totally different design. She has a jointed head but a floppy, laying down body. We gave her rosey cheeks and a sweet little blue gingham bow. She too has been ADOPTED.

We will have some pictures of the newest Emma's Bears bears for 2014 to come shortly.

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