Friday, December 20, 2013

My chubby Triplets

A week or so ago I was back out on the patio dyeing up yet another batch of rainbow goodness. This was due mostly to my wanting to finish a special project for the surrogate bub growing in my belly, but I decided to make the most of having the dye pots out and dye a few more meters of fur fabric too. The photo above shows some of the pieces catching a few rays of sun before it was time to rinse them off. 

We ended up with some really bright bits, and some less bright/more pastel toned pieces. I've always been attracted to BRIGHT colours... so couldn't help myself but steal one of the bright rainbow fat 1/4m pieces for an experimental trio of bears. The pieces were quite small, so I didn't know how the colours would look... but we decided to just jump right in. 

I managed to cut two full bears using our Willa/Attila pattern in the rainbow fur, then finished the last bear using some of the raw white mohair (called 'Lucy' and available in our store). This was the work-in-progress photo once the bodies had been jointed, the heads stuffed and the eyes set. They do look a little strange at this stage.

But they quickly came together with the edition of ears and a nose. The little white cutie got the most attention on our facebook page - she was pretty darn cute! lol

These were the two full-rainbow bears as I finished their faces. It's amazing how the different placement of colour makes such a difference to the overall look.

When they were finished, we decided they needed epic names to suit their big personalities. And thus, 'Nefertiti', 'Horus' and 'Ramses' were born!

We have a very limited amount of our hand-dyed super bright rainbow mohair left available in our store. If you do miss out however, you could certainly have a go at dyeing the plain white mohair 'Lucy' yourself  - it's a pleasure to work with!







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