Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fixing a very special Horsie

Meet 'Horsie'. She belongs to a very special little girl who has treasured her for years! She's been so treasured in fact that she's a little worn and broken in places. The little girl's mum sent her to us this week to see what we could do...

... so we quickly got to work on disassembling Horsie's limbs (which was actually trickier than I anticipated!). This was the end result. It does kind of look like Horsie exploded though... :P

We chose some hard-wearing cotton and fleece for the new limbs, retained the paw pads with original applique detail and built her back up. I matched the colours on the hoofs to the ribbons used for her mane. I think the mane is my favourite bit actually!

Her finished photos are below :)

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