Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aurelia and Cora

We have literally JUST finished Aurelia a few hours ago. She's been cut/pinned and waiting for sewing for quite a while (I actually forgot about her!). But after re-discovering her pieces, I didn't need much more motivation to get her done!

I just love this fur - super long pile mohair in a rich auburn/chestnut tone. We've chosen a pair of our OOAK painted glass eyes for her in nearly the exact same shade of copper as well (they have photographed a bit ligher in colour then they actually are).

Aurelia is a decent 19" tall, and she's quite weighty. We currently have her available for adoption in our etsy store. (But I will say that I'm not going to be too upset if she doesn't find a new home any time soon! :P)


And this little lady is 'Cora'. Made in our 'Husky Pup' faux fur - which was just the perfect colour match for this sweet pink jacket. She too has a pair of our hand painted eyes, but is a much smaller 12" in size.

We gave her quite low set ears as well so that her hoodie can come over her head, but her ears stick out the side. She too is currently available in our etsy store.

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