Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aurora and Paradise

I am so excited to introduce you to our latest duo of bears - this stunner is 'Aurora'. She is made in our 'Aurora Borealis' faux fur and has eyes painted to match the kaleidoscope of colours!

She was adopted very quickly - but we do have kits available for her. You will get the same fur, same pattern, nose thread, joints, glass lampwork pendant and your own choice of HUGE painted glass eyes. Every pair of eyes will be different making your Aurora bear unique :)

We took quite a few photos of this lady... 

And this is our second newly completed bear - made using our deluxe faux fur fabrics in 'Island Sunset' and 'Arctic Wolf' - both a very similar pile length/density and feel - only different versions of the tipped effect. I wasn't sure how the colours would work together - but I am pleasantly surprised. 

Paradise is the same height as Aurora, but a much chunkier design. This is actually our BRAND NEW design available as a e-pattern. The pattern itself is called 'Lyric', and we used it a few months ago to showcase the three different bears that are able to be made using the adjustments included in the pattern. Paradise is the 'cheek insert' version. You can also make a 'full' one colour bear, and/or a panda version as well.

At the time of writing, Paradise is available for adoption. She is also available in Kit form.

(these are the three examples of the bears you can make with the adjustments included in the 'Lyric' Pattern)

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  1. Wow... Wonderful cuties these bears! Aurora`s eyes are stunning! Love them!
    Congrats on beautiful work on all these teddies! :)