Friday, January 11, 2013

Showing off some of our first 2013 bears!

We've been busy over the last week or so - three bears to show for our efforts so far this year! This cheeky little guy is 'Benjamin'. He is made in our Osias pattern using our 'Sasquatch' faux fur. I wasn't sure how it would work because it's quite dense, and Benji is only a petite 10" tall - but it's worked beautifully!

Benjamin is now sold, but we do have kits available for making your own bear just like him - he's a nice easy beginners pattern too - so great if you're just starting out!

We also just finished this stunning girl. We've called her Lexi, and she is the painted-eye version of our original pink/black panda Lilly. She is made in our FREE pattern (available through the link on the top left hand corner of this blog), and we also have kits available in our etsy store for her in painted eyes and for the black-eyed version too. The actual bear herself is already sold (sorry!).

And last, but not least - this little bundle of colour is 'Imp'. He is made in our 'Willa and/or Attila bear or bunny' pattern (using the bear version). We made him up in some of our last pieces of rare mohair - a bright orange kid mohair and an orange/blue tipped shorter mohair. His eyes are hand painted in a teal-blue, and actually glow-in-the-dark! And you thought he couldn't get any more intense! lol

Little Imp has been adopted as well, and is well on his way to his new home in the US with a lovely collector who particularly loves orange... so it was a match made in heaven really!

There's a lot going on behind the scenes here at Emma's Bears and Fur Addiction at the moment with the creation of a new, easier to use website for our fabric supplies, AND a new shipment of fur due in somewhere at the end of Jan/early Feb. We're busy preparing for, and finding space to store all of our new rolls (which is fun! lol). So stay tuned - we'll have some exciting posts coming up! ;)

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