Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aussie Beach Bum Bears

I was busy Christmas shopping for the many babies in our lives (friends and family - not ours! We're quite content with our Byron and Chelsea!!! lol), when I came upon these super cute mini clothes meant for teddies. The idea is that you can buy your child's teddy the same outfit as your child. They're made by kids designer clothing company 'Pumpkin Patch' - and are usually too expensive for me to even think about looking at.... but these mini clothes were too awesome to pass by.

So, an idea was sparked.... and these bears were the end result! Meet Bohdi and Belle - our Aussie Beach Bum Bears! 

Bohdi wears an incredibly detailed and well made UV resistant rashie swim shirt (yes, the tag actually had the UV information on it... Mark and I had a little giggle at that!), and a pair of trendy board shorts. Belle wears a modest two-piece swim suit complete with super cute tiny swim undies (with little bows).

Both bears are completely made from mohair, so can be undressed if their new owners prefer. But I have designed them to be dressed (matching the mohair colour/eye colour to the outfits), so I personally think they look best like this. The perfect homage to the start of the Australian Summer in a few days!

We decided that the bears needed to be photographed in the appropriate setting, so we took Byron (who was home from Kindy) down to the waterfront near our house to do the photo shoot. He spent the whole time babbling about the 'WAL- LL - LER' (Byron for 'water' - try saying it while twisting your tongue at the same time and you'll kind of get how he says it!). It was cute for the first 10mins or so, but after half an hour of the same enthusiastic cries about the water, and the non stop pointing, and the trying to climb over the sides of the walk way and into the water... we decided to go home again! 

(and were reminded why we don't venture down to the waterfront that often with a 22month old!)

The lighting from the mid-morning sun has given a really interesting feel to the images. Something a little different to the usual ones taken in our suburban backyard I think. I love the one above of Belle's face... with the sun shining over her shoulder and the sparkle of her hand-painted green eyes and sweet earrings... 

Both Belle and Bohdi are currently available for adoption. We don't have this pattern available for general purchase, but you can purchase the mohair these bears are made from. Belle is made from 'Dried Apricot' matted mohair, and Bohdi from 'Harvest' matted mohair. 

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  1. Dear Emma, these two teddy bears are so cute! Really nice photos, honestly I am a little jealous because you have sun and warm, here in Northern Italy it's windy, cold and raining since 2 days!! I wish you a wonderful day! Beary hugs, Iris xxx