Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rosebud - the pink mohair rabbit

(Chelsea and her Uncle Sam enjoying MORE food at my Dad's place Christmas afternoon).

How was your Christmas? Ours was CRAZY! Definitely fun, but I am glad it's only a once-a-year event!

In the midst of all the craziness, I managed to get the pink mohair version of my new bunny design completed. It was actually really lovely to sit down with it on Christmas Eve after the house was spotless, the food prepared for the next day and the presents placed under the tree... just listening to Christmas Carols on the TV and sewing away.

I then got another chance to finish her off on Boxing Day after lunch while all of the family sat in our lounge room in air-conditioned comfort half watching the cricket on TV, and half watching the kids exploring their new toys.

So here she is! I've called her Rosebud - for obvious reasons... (I do seem to have a LOT of pink bears in stock at the moment... maybe 2011 was the 'year of pink' for me!?).

I think the mohair works quite well. She doesn't have the same puffy/soft/fat look at the faux fur gave her, but I think it works to give her a more lean/muscular 'wild hare' look.

She can currently be found for adoption on bearpile.


  1. She is really beautiful. I love the shorter fur on her as well.

    Great Christmas photo. I always forget that your Christmas is during the summer. That would certainly have it's benefits.

  2. oh yes, it was nice and hot here on christmas day. It does make for a lovely time sitting outside to eat, but it also makes trying to roast a turkey a little miserable for everyone stuck in the kitchen! lol.