Friday, October 7, 2011

Sewing on a nose

I was recently asked if I could help finish two bears that had been lovingly hand made, but work had stalled on their faces. This is like my ideal situation - all the hard work (cutting, pinning, sewing, jointing, stuffing...) is already done, and I get to focus purely on the face!

Shortly after this discussion, these two cuties arrived in the mail.

I set to work on the little one first. Had to put him down a few times thanks to busy little 'helpers'. But eventually got him trimmed and looking cute.

With a bit of trimming and shading to the big bear as well, we had a funky looking duo on our hands. My 8-month old was particularly partial to the little bear... I think he would have chewed him all up if given half the chance! (mind you, he'd chew anything up at the moment... Obviously 8 teeth aren't enough for one little mouth - more are coming in!).


  1. These finished up nicely. Both bears are adorable.

  2. So Cute and adorable Teddies... You did some fantastic work again!