Order YOUR Custom Emma's Bears Creation

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit the bears and I, we're so glad you found us! 

You might be wondering how you can get your hands on one of our Emma's Bears teddies? At the moment we very rarely have any ready-made teds available for sale as they tend to get adopted as soon as they are completed (for which we are so honored and grateful!). To see if we might have one available right now, feel free to check out our website

If you can't find a bear for adoption there, and you'd like to order your own custom bear, you are also most welcome to. We have just had to make a few changes to our custom ordering process (as of November 2016): 

* Custom orders can be accepted at any time by contacting us via our Emma's Bears Facebook page, or directly by email (eleb2000@hotmail.com). 

* We will inform you of the approx wait time when you contact us (at present it is just over a year, but this can change quickly!).

* Nearly all of our previous bears are OOAK (one of a kind), so cannot be replicated exactly. But we can take elements from different bears you really like and combine them for your own unique teddy. 

* The best way to help us understand what you'd like is to find 2-3 photos of your most favourite Emma's Bears to show us what style appeals to you. Once we have a good idea of size/fur type and style we can give you a price quote. 

* We cannot create to overly specific detail requests though, as each bear has it's own magic that emerges during the crafting process. When we try to force a design element in a specific direction that isn't best for the individual bear, the results can be less then ideal. In saying that, there is never any obligation for you to purchase a completed custom bear if it isn't what you had in mind. 

* To lock in a custom place we just require a non-refundable deposit of AUD$20. This will be deducted from the adoption fee of the finished bear once it is completed.

We've included some photos of our previously made bears below, but you can also find a treasure trove of photos on our website, etsy store, bearpile page, on facebook, throughout this blog and even on pintrest! 

Happy browsing! :)