My Collection

During my own bear making journey over the last decade or so I have developed a collection of other artist's bears - my own 'Hug'.

Many are from our own personal collection, some have been swaps for Emma's Bears, some have been traded for bear supplies. We have an eclectic assortment of critters here, and all are in excellent condition. We now have all of these gorgeous critters available for purchase. 
Please note that once sold, they are not able to be replicated (obviously!) - so if you really like someone, grab them while you can. The photos below show some of the bears available, but for the full 40+ critters, visit our Webstore. 

This little bundle of gorgeousness is 'Hetty' by Bry of Thingumy & Co.

This is 'Stirling' by Pearls Bears. My photo really doesn't do the subtle highlights and shading any justice. He is a work of art.

This is my recent Christmas Treasures Bear Show purchase, a gorgeous little bear named Cherrie by 'Mima's Bears' here in Australia. This little lady is perfectly put together! Stunning is the best way I can describe her!

This is 'Angora' by Beans Bruins.

This is 'Lucy Jane' by The Silly Bear. She is stunning, with just the right amount of old-world charm.

This is 'Bounce' by Knoevelkes. One of the most gorgeous little puppy dogs around.

Ah - this is 'Becky', made by the incredibly talented Kerralie Goggin of KayGee Bears Australia.

This little guy is made by Lisabears. He has such a pleasing shape.

This is a Lexi Hamilton bear. No other identifying marks/labels bar the sewn-in tush tag with 'Lexi H' signed in pen.

This is 'Mimi' by JRB Creations. Such a brilliant colour/fabric combination with the dusky fur and floral accents. I just LOVE this one!

And this is 'Vivianne', also by JRB Creations. Not much cuter than a tiny pink bunny!

And this is a Jennifer Laing 'Totally Bear' named George. He is my pride and joy! He's an old boy now, being made back in 1994! Jennifer Laing's book was the key that opened the door to my bear making experience. I will always treasure this bear.

This little guy is another of my favourites. He is made by Australian artist Jane Rea of ReaBears, and his name is 'Scruffy'. He's so floppy, and so SAD! You just can't help but want to pick him up!

This little guy is tall and thin, made from mohair and very heavy. He has a little bit of brown thread on his shoulder that might have held a tag of some kind. If anyone recognises him, I'd LOVE to know who made him/where he's from!?

This is a little crochet bear. My only crochet bear actually. And as you can see - she's tiny!

These two are little commissioned bears from 'Bears of Bath' - so so cute! And SO tiny!

This little guys is also from the UK, made by Barney Bears. I just love how heavy and squishy he feels.

And this guy has come all the way from Poland, made by a new bear artist under the name of 'Sweet Candy Dreams'.

These two bears are made from a recycled rabbit fur coat by a local artist some years ago. I was mentoring her and we were bouncing ideas off each other. We lost touch over the years however, and I don't know if she still makes her bears.

I don't have any tags for this big guy. No details at all in fact. I don't even remember where/when I picked him up. I do know that I LOVE his shape though. If you recognise him, I'd love to know where he is from too.

This gorgeous bear is 'Robbie' by Bears by Pat Morris.

These three are also by Pat Morris.

And this fun and funky pink elephant called 'Loellie' is made by Tina's Sweetheart Teds'.

This is 'Oliver' by Joxy Bears. He has one of the most incredibly endearing faces on any of my bears. And his little hat and scarf just finish him off perfectly!

This is another of my fun bears - made from recycled eco-shopping bags! He's made by the talented Verity Roennfeldt of The Square Pumpkin.

This is 'Bessie' by Woollybutt Bears. I just love rustic look of her hand dyed fur and sweet little cap!