Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Bear - Malani

Well, the attempt to use eyes with sculptured eyelids didn't really work, so i ditched the idea for now. I will have to use a completely different pattern i think. I do like to make things more difficult for myself :P

This is the little bear i tried the eyes on. She has turned out quite nicely despite the last minute change of heart over her eyes! It was ridiculously hard to get the pink bow by her ear to actually look pink in the photos for some reason. Maybe early morning lighting in my backyard is not ideal for pink on brown contrast... who knows. But i did get some nice shots. Her full listing :

Chelsea was as helpful as ever, firstly getting into my sewing box and spreading embroidery thread all over herself. Then trying to climb through the cat door to get to me as i was taking photos outside! She's getting more and more mobile each day!

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