Monday, March 15, 2010

Chelsea's clothing explosion!

Decided to work on the chaos that is Chelsea's room. I discovered a heap of clothing that i bought for her last year - that will now fit her. Along with a tonne of hand-me-down clothing from my mum. And the result was a pile of pink and purple goodness all over the floor in her small room while i tried to figure out how to store it all.

So far the solution was to buy 56 child-safe clothes hangers and hang as many of the pieces as i can. This has not been sufficient (still very little carpet can be seen in her room), so it looks like we may need to find a more standard solution - a set of drawers perhaps!?

So no bear making so far today which is a bit frustrating.


  1. Wonderful shot of the bub in the basket lol :)

  2. lol. Thanks Heinz. If you go to the full size version of the pic, you can see that she's not looking too happy about where i sat her! (and is clinging on for dear life to one of the pieces of clothing!)