Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lots and lots of homemade baby food

So today was a little more productive. I've given up on the clothing explosion in Chelsea's room for the time being. Until i can find something satisfactory to store them all in they will just have to live on the floor. And i even managed to draw up three bears this morning as well. (a little blue and yellow synthetic one, a rich brown 9" that i'm going to try sculpting eye lids for, and a BIG black and brown one with a shaggy body).

The rest of the afternoon was spent cooking Miss Chelsea some more dinners. This batch is:
green apple
red kidney beans

It was a bit of an odd combo - but actually tastes quite good as far as baby food goes!


  1. Oh it's so nice to see that others do what I used to for my babies...homemade food is the best way to go! you know just what goes into your baby's mouth!

    good mother award goes out to you tonight!!!!

    I'll follow you...
    come by and see me too sometime...
    ciao bella nice to meet you

  2. btw...forgot to mention that your bears are beautiful...
    love the pumkin pie!


  3. Hi Carmelina, just had a look at your blog as well. Beautiful images!

    I have actually gotten a few responses to my baby food post through other mediums as well, and am surprised that people think this is such a rare thing! If other mum's don't do this, what do they feed their babies!? I am at a loss to figure that out! It's necessity as much as it is for nutrition reasons.

    If i don't cook, she doesn't eat! :P

  4. Real good, wholesome, healthy food...can only be made at home! you know exactly what goes into the pot!
    Have you ever tasted that starchy baby canned food, it's horrible! yikes! that is what people solely rely on for feeding their younglings!

    I loved it when I could make little pastina soups too..that was fun!

    ciao bella
    see you soon!