Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wind Warrior Goddess

I recently purchased some polymer clay to use in making bear claws and eyelids. I was messing around with it this afternoon when i thought i might have a go at making a doll. The original idea was a simple companion doll for a future teddy... but this doll took on a life force of her own. Her name is 'Oya', which apparently means Wind Warrior Goddess in Africa. She is fully anatomically correct and detailed. Will get some more (tasteful) photos tomorrow in day light, but couldn't help myself in uploading at least a few tonight! Not sure if i should keep her, sell her as an individual item, or pair her with a similarly themed bear! So many choices!

I've added some photos of Oya outside as well. She looked quite at home in the trees! Shows off her exaggerated proportions and her somewhat 'spaghetti arm' look :P

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