Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anyone else worried about the medieval plague!?

When i was pregnant with the lovely miss Chelsea Claire, my dad gave me two books he had just finished reading that he raved about. One of my brothers had also read them and said they were the best books he'd ever read in his life (big call coming from a 20 yr old!). So i took home the two house-bricks disguised as books and planned to read them 'when i got a chance'...

Chelsea was born and life got a little crazy, and still i hadn't even opened the front cover. It wasn't until she was about 2-3months old, that i found some time every afternoon to sit outside with her while she watched the leaves moving on the trees with the fascination of someone new to this world, that i got a chance to start reading. And that was the beginning of an obsession!

I LOVE the books! The first is called 'Pillars of the Earth', the second (and the one i'm almost finished now) is called 'World Without End' - both by Ken Follett.

The books are set in medieval europe and centre around some pretty amazing characters, along with the building of a cathedral. Beautifully written, and with such complexity and realism that you can't help but be pulled into the world of lords and peasants, monasteries and priests - and at the moment the black plague has hit, and hit hard!

So as i read about all my lovely book-friends dying from this disastrous disease i must say the parallels to all the modern zombie/end-of-world movies spring to mind, and i am just a little freaked out! One of my friends, who conveniently happens to be a nurse, has reassured me that we can now treat the black plague... but still... I bet government aren't covering 'outbreak of plague' in their disaster strategies!

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