Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheeky Monkey

Had a lovely morning this morning having coffee with a friend from school and her 7 week old daughter. Chelsea was pretty good. I think she used up all her 'goodness' while we were out though, as she became a little more challenging this afternoon. I couldn't move without her crying and clinging to me. But as long as i sat on the floor with her she was content to climb all over me and chew on my jeans.

During the precious downtime i get while she has her daytime sleeps, i managed to sculpt and bake some polymer clay eyelids that i'm going to try on a new bear. I'll use the chubby 9" pattern i designed to try and get the multi-coloured Russian eyes to look right - and see if the eyelids help at all. Might get to work on it later tonight if I'm lucky!

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