Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Chelsea and i took a drive over to 'the other side' of town today to visit my mum (her Nonna). We spent the day hanging out, and chatting and eating! All the best things in life. While Chelsea had a HUGE midday sleep, i sat out on the deck in the warm autumn sunshine with their dog Bella.

Bella is impossible to get photos of because you can't see where her eyes are! And she never stays still. I managed to trick her into this pose by saying 'walkies!'. Seems to be a word most english-speaking doggies understand!

Three things i discovered today:
* The black and white cat that lives down the road has eyes that glow green when my car headlight shines on them
* The local population of rainbow lorikeets decided to have a dusk gathering in the trees that spanned the main road as i drove home.
* I have developed quite a good resistance to Chelsea's cries of protest while i drive!


  1. What a cute post! i love how you write...
    and I wanted to thank you kindly for coming by and following...

    check out my main blog too if you haven't already!...Creative Carmelina

    and nonna and bella prompt me to ask if you're Italian...because I am too!


  2. Thanks Carmelina :)
    I wish i could claim some Italian heritage, but unless its some far distant relative that we have forgotten about, i don't think i can!
    My mum decided she wanted to be Nonna instead of 'grandmother/grandma' etc, as she felt too young, and i think she has a bit of an affinity with all things Italian. (probably explains the dogs name too!)

    And i will go check out Creative Carmelina!

  3. That's a great pic of Bella :)

    I'm assuming the noisy birds were in the Hoop Pines on Gympie Road outside Hungry Jacks and Westfield? I've noticed them doing this for years, and I don't know why. They do it outside the Chermside Shops too - in the Hoop Pines in the car park there. I'm going to have to investigate this!!

  4. yep! they're the culprits! I've noticed them at chermside too. I wonder what it is about dusk, rainbow lorikeets and those particular trees!?