Friday, March 26, 2010

Postcard Bonanza!

About 18months ago my step-dad Neil told me about this awesome online community/hobby site called postcrossing where you can send and receive postcards all over the world. Each time you ask for an address and send a postcard and the recipient registers it on the website, a random other person in the world is given your address to send you one. I have sent and received over 200 cards now and have an awesome little collection starting. You can ask for certain cards, or for people to say a little about themselves on the card you receive. One of the people i sent a card to recently just wanted to know, yes or no, are you happy. I thought that was really simple, but profound.

Today i found four more postcards in my mail box.
One from the Netherlands.

One from China.

One from the Czech Republic.

And one from Taiwan.

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