Monday, March 15, 2010

Todays to-do-list

I have what seems like a million things jumbled around in my head that i should attempt to get done today.
* There's the washing up from last night's pork roast that i didn't get around to.
* There's a HUGE pile of Chelsea's clothing scattered all over her room that needs to be sorted and put away.
* I have to cook up some more little meals for Chelsea as all she has left is beef and pea mash!
* I have a new idea for a little blue bear that i wanted to attempt.
* I have a friend coming over shortly, so i should really tidy the house a bit (and do that washing up!).
* I have a laundry basket full of dirty clothing to be washed.
* I have to make a tag for Haywood bear and put him on his shelf.
* I want to play with my blog!
* and i want to try putting some photos on flickr.

And i'm sure there are heaps of other things to do that i've conveniently forgotten about...

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