Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Sleeper

Well not much to report today in terms of bear making. Didn't deliberately do nothing. Would have spent the whole day making bears if i could have. But life continues around me despite my best efforts to slow it down!

Two hours stuck in the car on the gateway this morning probably didn't help my daily time check. At one point all of the cars had been stopped so long people were actually getting out and walking around on the road. It was like something out of a movie! The accident that was the cause of the delay looked pretty bad too. It shocked me into quiet reflection for the rest of the trip. One minute you're busily rushing off to somewhere desperately important. The next minute you're not going to make it to where you are going. Not today. Maybe not any day from now on.

Definitely time to slow down and enjoy every precious moment of life. That is why i thought it was timely to share this picture. I love watching Chelsea sleep. It was so easy when she was a tiny baby as she didn't know i was there. Now she is so alert and aware that if i make too much noise she wakes up and sees me and the magic is over. This was a lucky, rare moment. My beautiful sleeper.

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